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In-house production means that, from “script to screen”, we personally attend to your project to meet your precise requirements, on budget and on schedule. Concept, story boards, scripts, location or studio shooting, editing, music, and formatting - we do it all in-house with our comprehensive production team.


Planning The Project
We diligently plan each step of the project. The creative services we offer include: writers, producers, directors, art directors, set designers, location or studio shooting and lighting, crews, editors, musicians, graphic designers, multimedia experts and media duplication technicians. Each focused on delivering the program you need to meet your goals.

Before a scene can be imaged, we ask the right questions to ensure your message is focused, compelling, and persuasive. We then develop the production concepts and the scripts that deliver your message with innovation and lasting effect to your audience.


Because of our origins in the production of fishing shows, we are accustomed to providing producers, directors, cameras, lighting and audio crews, and the latest single and multi-camera equipment, no matter where the location.

Professional directors take your message and bring it to life. We have in-house director / producers able to portray your message to a targeted audience. Our enthusiasm easily translates to film, inviting the viewer to join the action on screen.

Whether the script calls for location or studio shooting, we have you covered. Our crews have traveled in some of the harshest environments in the world to capture the right image. Above all, we keep our clients a part of the process to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Production Equipment
We have the latest high-tech production equipment in stock to capture high quality images and sound.


It is in our editing studio that your production truly comes to life.

Our professional editors make use of the full capabilities of our in-house editing suite, complete with non-linear digital editing equipment, audio library, and recording studio to add distinctive vibrancy to the project. We deliver creative and eye-catching graphics and special effects to enhance and punctuate our productions.

We have talented composers, a narration studio, an extensive music & sound effects library, and the experience to mix the right score to best match the mood of your project.

We provide professional talent for on-camera or voice-over narration. Our experience in producing the highest quality of film and video has enabled us to build an outstanding connection with the best of local talent.