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It’s not what you say.

It’s what you do that defines you.

“Seriously-it is the VERY BEST anyone has ever covered Sund’s Lodge! I am so impressed.”
Scott Sund
Owner, Sund's Lodge

“After investing $10,000 and a year with another production company, we had nothing to show for it. NFMG took on the project and completed it in 60 days and on budget.”
Rob Reierson
CEO, Tradex Foods

“Our business would never be where it is without their help.”
Gerry & Elizabeth MacPherson
Owners, Bait-Buster

“One of the best phone calls I’ve ever made!”
Brian Hillier
Naden Lodge

“Our mandate to NFMG was to think out side the box and create a visually stunning “stop you in your tracks” HD video – and you did!”
Mike Dickinson
Regional Sales Manager,
Nicholson Manufacturing

“Only one company has ever understood what we require from a television show, advertising and marketing program, that company, NFMG Productions.”
Rob Clough
Managing Partner,
Queen Charlotte Lodge

“The team at NFMG is top-notch!”
Dan Gunn
Executive Director,

“The quality, creativity and commitment you brought to the project has resulted in a product that will always be an asset for ART.” 
Holly Arntzen
Artist Response Team



NFMG Productions is a video production company, located in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. What sets us apart, simply put, is experience. For over 25 years, we have primarily produced multiple television shows which have extended into millions of homes both nationally and internationally. This is our base, the foundation in which we have grown our company into a leading edge production studio. We regularly produce both standard definition, and high definition television commercials, with over 50 commercials produced in just the last 5 years alone. On top of that, we work with clients to produce effective corporate videos, and assist in distributing them through various methods, like DVD and the web.

Our goal is for you, our client, to have confidence in what we do. We take it very seriously, and it shows. Check out what some of our clients have to say about us.